MiniCat story

11 years ago a young enthusiastic Czech  sailor had an idea to create a boat that would be easy to transport, would be affordable for wider public and would still give its users a great experience of sailing. He wanted to create a real boat, not a toy!! It took him 2 years and hundreds of test sailing sessions from the prototype to the first real boat but it was worth it.

Now, 11 years later he can say he created a unique product that appeals to many sailing enthusiasts and is sold all over the world.  His name is Martin Horak and he is the designer and the owner of the world-wide patent and the MiniCat brand.

MiniCat has quickly become the best boat in its category and with the choice of models and colours put in a shade all its competitors.

From the very beginning Martin Horak linked with Moravian Exports, s.r.o. (trading as MiniCat Worldwide) who became the exclusive worldwide distributor for MiniCat boats. The company goes from strength to strength and nowadays sells well over 200 boats a year.

There is about 20 exclusive distributors and dealers around the world offering MiniCat and the boat can be seen sailing in countries as far as Brazil, Peru, Australia, Japan, Caribbean, French Polynesia  and many more.

MiniCat is a fantastic piece of design and engineering that is solely manufactured in the Czech Republic, EU!

All components and fittings used in manufacturing MiniCat are either made directly in the Czech Republic or sourced from a world class sailing manufacturers such as RONSTAN, SEASURE, CLAMCLEAT, SUCHOMEL etc.  


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